KTI KWR-003 Wireless Remote

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This Wireless Remote for your KTI Hydraulic Pump Circuit adds convenience and ease to your everyday tasks. The wireless remote's range includes about 40 feet with no obstructions. Reciever has a built-in safety – shuts down after being idle for 20 minutes. Receiver has the abilty to program up to 4 key fobs to one receiver. Includes a inline 15 amp fuse on the power wire for protection 5/16″ eyes are included on power and ground wires to ease installation to battery. Receiver Power and Ground Wire lengths: 24″. 2 Button receptacle connector wire length: 14″. 2 Button power unit connector wire length: 32″. Detachable antenna has a 38″ wire.

Each kit includes: 

  • Main Transmitter
  • 23 AE Battery for transmitter
  • Main receiver unit
  • Detachable  antenna
  • Antenna mounting screw
  • Two 2" x 2" velcro strips
  • Installation manual

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