We all know no one ever overloads their dump trailer, right?

If you are in the business of moving debris and every time you moved a load it cost you money in fuel, labor, and possibly a dumping fee, you might be tempted to fill your trailer with as much as you possibly can. It is just the nature of the economic beast. Yes, we put danger and warning stickers all over the trailer but there is always the possibility that when overloaded, something might break or fail.

The solution is the Bridon Load Control valve. This patented valve lowers the dump box at a controlled speed whether the box is empty or overloaded in the event of a hose failure. The Bridon Load Control valve simply installs into the port coming out of the pressure (or load holding) side of the hydraulic cylinder and the pressure hose attaches to the valve. No additional plumbing is required as the external body of the valve is a standard hydraulic fitting.

Tens of thousands of the Bridon Load Control valves have been installed into dump trailers since 2003. It is a simple and inexpensive step to address some of the concerns for both manufacturers and end-users.

By Jeff Murphy, owner of Premium Supply | Makers of Power Hoist