This applies to any components that Premium Supply has supplied, either as a manufacturer or as a distributor. We understand that the main objective is to get the customer back up and running as quickly and as painless as possible.

When a customer has a perceived problem with any components that we supplied we would like the opportunity to talk directly to that customer.


    1. Is the customer willing to do some minor trouble shooting over the phone?

    2. If, “after asking a series of questions”, it is determined that parts replacement is the only option then the replacement parts will be sent to the customer with a call tag to get the perceived failed parts back from the customer. The customer who was originally invoiced from Premium Supply for the replaced part will receive another invoice for the second part including freight. This invoice will be for tracking purposes and to make sure the perceived bad part is returned from the field. Once the perceived bad part is received from the field the part will be tested to see if it is faulty. If the part is faulty, then the invoice will be voided so long as it is still within the manufactures warranty time period specification. If the part is found to be not faulty then the invoice will be expected to be paid. If the perceived bad part is never received from the customer then the invoice will be expected to be paid.

    3. Maximum labor that will be paid for replacing one faulty hydraulic pump or one faulty hydraulic cylinder is $65.00.

    4. If the customer has more than one problem with the components that we supplied then anything over $65.00 labor charge will be considered on a case by case basis.

    It is imperative that we received all perceived failed components from the field in order to analyze and/or reimburse any warranty claims.

    Preventative Maintenance

    In our experience the two main things that can cause a hydraulic mobile circuit to have problems, “like on a trailer”, are either a low battery or hydraulic fluid contamination. If a customer will consider our battery maintenance and hydraulic fluid filtration recommendations, they (and we) will see many of the hydraulic related warranty issues minimized. Most people do not realize that new hydraulic fluid is not clean enough to be put into a hydraulic pump. And there are many ways to help improve battery life.

    Please ask us how we can work together to put preventative maintenance procedures in place to help minimize warranty cost for all of us.

    U.S. CALL TOLL FREE: 1 (866) 934-0777

    OUTSIDE THE U.S. CALL: 1 (903) 455-7777