7K Hydraulic Trailer Jack Kit with Load Holding | PJ-7-20-MCB-K

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Part Number PJ-7-20-MCB-K

7K Power Jack Kit

Lift your bumper pull trailer at the push of a button! If you need to build a trailer or replace existing jacks, these jacks are perfect for most bumper pull applications. Whether you are using these jacks for livestock, horse, car, cargo, dump or even flatbed gooseneck trailers, adding these hydraulic jacks is an easy set up and easy to use.


Our added 1” stop tube with the jack cylinder helps improve side load and increases overall stability. The mounting plate is industry standard for easy installation. Our added load holding feature keeps the jack in the last position in the event of a hose or fitting failure so you can protect your trailer.


The 7K Power Jack hydraulic jacks are a hydraulic equivalent to the 7K manual trailer jacks but are capable of lifting up to 10K in a system with a hydraulic pump with at least a 3200 PSI setting.


For more details about our jacks systems, please look over our manuals.


7K Installation Manual