Dump Trailer Power Hoist 621-5 | PH6215PHS-D122-P3

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Part Number PH6215PHS-D122-P3

PH621-5 Kit Includes

  • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  • Hoist Assembly (includes steel frame and 5" bore hydraulic cylinder)
  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly
  • Hydraulic Fittings
  • Bridon Load Control
  • Safety Arm and Safety Arm Cup
  • Safety Arm Storage Arm Bracket
  • Hinge, Battery Cables, and Rubber Strap

PH621-5 Hoist Capacity

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Standard Warranty

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Warranty Extensions

Premium Supply will extend its standard warranty as follows:

The hydraulic fluid must be pre-filtered while being put into the hydraulic pump reservoir with a FPS cleanliness code of at least (ISO 4406) 15/12. All single acting circuits must be plumbed with a hydraulic hose going to both sides of the cylinder. Contact premium Supply for instructions on how to implement these quality control measures.

4 Years for battery optimizer kit that includes:

  • 20 amp. road charger with 7 way
  • 5 amp battery charger
  • SP-3 – 3 watt SolarPulse panel

5 Years for battery optimizer heavy duty kit that includes:

  • 20 amp. road charger with 7 way
  • 8 amp battery charger
  • SP-7 – 7 watt SolarPulse panel

6 Years for battery optimizer extreme heavy duty kit that includes:

  • 20 amp. road charger with 7 way
  • 18 amp battery charger
  • SP-12 – 12 watt SolarPulse panel


This warranty covers defects in manufacturing discovered while using the product as recommended by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover loss or theft, nor does coverage extend to damage caused by misuse, improper installation, abuse, unauthorized modifications, improper storage conditions or natural disasters. This warranty does not cover parts that are subject to normal wear and tear. Paint, finishes or paint preparation done by the customer are not covered under this warranty, nor is deterioration of paint and appearance caused by normal wear and tear. This warranty becomes void upon modifications not authorized by Premium Supply.

Limits of Liability

Should the product fail, the sole recourse is repair or replacement, as described in the preceding paragraphs. Premium Supply will not be liable to any party for damage resulting from failure of the product. Damages not covered by this warranty include, but not limited to, lost profit, lost savings, damage to other equipment, incidental or consequential damages arising from use or inability to use the product. In no event will Premium Supply be liable for more than the amount of the purchase price, not to exceed the current list price of the product and excluding tax, shipping and handling chargers. By using the product, user accepts all terms stated herein. Premium Supply reserves the right to make improvements to any model or product without notice. This warranty supersedes all previous warranties.

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