Voyager Short Range Wi-Fi Transmitter

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  • App Ready -- the Voyager Vision app turns your smart device into a camera monitor
  • Device will transmit 2-way split video over Wi-Fi with a 100-meter range
  • App supports Pinch/Zoom/Normal/Mirror, and Optional user-adjustable marker OSD lines, and snapshot image
  • Up to 2 cameras at a time
  • Designed for low-speed maneuvering, stationary observation, and surveillance
  • Compatible with all Voyager wired cameras (sold separately)
  • IP67 waterproof construction
  • Compact size allows for mounting on any part of the trailer
  • No secondary monitors to keep track of
  • Any tow vehicle can haul any trailer and be connected
  • 12 V DC power
  • ASTM D1141 compliant
  • FCC compliant