Gas Powered Hydraulic Pump | GP1-DA-E

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Gas Dump Trailer Hydraulic Power Unit

Part Number GP1-DA-E

NOTE: System is rated @ 3000 psi working pressure. All Units are 100% tested and R.P.M. and pressure settings are done at the factory.

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  • G/C Gas powered Hydraulic Power Unit with the following design features and characteristics.
  • Model GC-160 Honda Engine, Recoil Start
  • 5-Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir
  • Single-Stage Gear Pump, 2 G.P.M. Displacement
  • Sight / Level Gauge
  • Filler / Breather Cap Assembly
  • Return Line Filter, 10 Micron Element
  • Quick Couplers, 1/2
  • 4-way, 3-position Manually-Operated Directional Control Valve, Tandem Spool, Spring to Center. Control Valve includes an Adjustable Relief Valve. Control Valve will be mounted and the Pressure and Return Line will be Plumbed. A & B Working Ports will have the Quick Couplers Installed
  • Electric Start